The song of silence

Born in the burrows of noise

Humans take to it like a fish to water.


Embracing its many man-made forms

We spend our lives tuned in to it.


So much so that we recognize it not as noise

But simply as a by-product of life in the technological age.


The familiar sounds calm our senses

And keep our wheels turning through the drudgery of our mechanical lives.


We endeavor not, to listen to the music of the wind that roars

To the clouds that thunder or the musical rain that comes pouring along.


We wake up to our days after the birds have stopped singing morning songs

And return home having spent all our time focusing on chitter-chatter of human sounds.


But the noisiest of them all is the voice inside our head

One that talks non-stop come rain or shine, morning or night.


So comfortable and familiar we are with the noise in our life

That we neither seek nor recognize the music quietly playing in the background.


Take a walk to the forests or go sit by the lake

To hear the music I talk about.


Dive deep into the blue ocean or sit down in the hustle and bustle of mountain peaks

To experience that which goes far beyond.


Put the voice in your head to rest

And then listen

As Silence speaks.


Wait for it, to step out of the quiet places it resides in

Be patient for it might appear mumbled at first

Like the voice of your affectionate great-grandfather.


Like most old people, it takes its own time

But speaks with love and from its experience of life on this planet from the first day it all began.


Close your eyes if you like

But let your soul tune in.


For it speaks not to the human senses

But to that which is capable of much more.


Listen to its beautiful stories

Drink the joy it beams off

Experience the magic only it is capable of.


It caresses our wounds with love

Infuses the bruised and broken with life

While singing of the truth without making a hullabaloo about it all.


Silence sings a song so divine

No poet could ever do it justice.


But this much I will say

If you haven’t experienced it sing

You have never known bliss at all.


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